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  • 10.12.2009

    Best products of the year

    There was finished a traditional public competition "Best Products of the Year" on the Christmas and New Year's eve. For already 11 years the competition has helped citizens of Minsk and the whole Belarus to choose the best products represented in the domestic market.

    The competition "Best Products of the Year" is mutually held by the Scientific Practical Centre of the National Academy of Science of Belarus and Belarusian Consumer Protection Society "Ecobrain". It is a socially important project, which enjoys Belarusian consumers' confidence. And participation of the Slonim Meat Processing Plant in this competition confirms company's idea of producing only natural and high-quality goods, which corresponds to the major company's strategy "Safe Product – Healthy Nation".

    On December 2, 2010 the Slonim Meat Processing Plant was presented Winner's Certificates at the awards ceremony "The Best Product of 2010". which took place in Minsk.  There were awarded the following products:

    • frozen pelmeni "Doctor", "Slonimskiye" and "Home-style";
    • canned sterilized meat paste "Delicate", "Chicken", "Mushroom",  "Liver Paste with carrot";
    • cooked smoked salami "Ham";
    • cooked smoked sausage "Cagliari".

    Besides, the enterprise was awarded Grand-Prix for stable quality of the products.

    The pelmeni represented at the competition were produced of natural meat raw materials – pork, beef, onions, flour, salt and natural spices. They contained no meat substitutes (soy proteins, protein stabilizers etc.) or food additives. Those properties were appreciated for the second time by the taste panel. The pelmeni had been already awarded in 2007.

    This year has been especially productive. There have been awarded 9 products – it's a record. In 2007 there were awarded 8 products: smoked cooked sausage "Cologne", pelmini "Home-style", "Russian", "Bustler", "Okee", "Slonimskiye", "Doctor", cooked sausage "Ostankinskaya Slonim-like". Three products were awarded in 2008: high quality frankfurters for preschool and school children "Children's with vitamins", high quality frankfurters "Creamy Extra", 1st quality cooked chopped ham "Chicken Baleron".

    The winners can place the participant's logo on the products packages. It represents a green leaf with a loupe, which stands for close attention to the ecological properties and quality of goods. This logo is already recognizable among customers. According to the research, customers rather buy products with this logo.

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