ОАО «Слонимский мясокомбинат» — производство и реализация мясных и колбасных изделий

Do the products of the Slonim Meat Processing Plant differ from ones of other manufactures?



Mission of the "Slonim Meat Processing Plant"

  1. We consider that each resident of Belarus should have a possibility to consume safe, environmentally pure products conforming to the world standards at a moderate price.
  2. We strive for keeping and increasing useful properties of the products for you and your family.
  3. Our products are a health source, as they are made of cooled raw materials and natural ingredients free of genetically modified additives.
  4. Besides providing people with high-quality products, we create feeling of safety, provide a possibility to take care of one’s relatives.
  5. From the very first years of your life and till a respectable age our products are your safe companions: breakfast, dinner and supper; party or holiday in the country; picnic or romantic supper.

Social declaration of the enterprise "Safe product — healthy nation" is not just a slogan, but the attitude: promotion of traditional family values, health, care of the contemporary and next generations.

Safe product — healthy nation.

Today customers’ choice in the meat market is influenced by a packaging, taste, price, ingredients and bioavailability. However the customer more and more often pays attention to safety and value of a product. And those factors become determinating ones. Therefore the Slonim Meat Processing Plant started preparation of the complex program “Safe product – healthy nation” in 2003 and successfully launched it in 2006. Today daily partners’ and customers’ recognition prove accuracy of the chosen way.

Safe product

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