ОАО «Слонимский мясокомбинат» — производство и реализация мясных и колбасных изделий

Do the products of the Slonim Meat Processing Plant differ from ones of other manufactures?



Company Background

  • Slonim Meat Processing Plant OJSC is one of the oldest Belarusian enterprises. It was founded on the base of a private slaughterhouse in 1923. The plant has gone a long and difficult way to a stable and modern enterprise for this time.

1971 — a freezer of 2132 tons volume for meat and by-products storage was put into operation.

1972 — a sausage department, domestic compartments, a transformer substation, a garage and machine workshops were put into operation. In 1991 the sausage department was reconstructed with increase in its capacity from 5 to 8 tons per shift.

The Plant started its technical development in 1979. Mainly in that period there were put into operation new production shops and departments, which conformed to up-to-date technological, technical and sanitary standards. There was as well launched new production equipment. A turnout was increased and the assortment was expanded. The following decades were associated with realization of construction projects (which changed the image of the plant), modernization of production, and improvement of working conditions and product quality.

1989 — a wild-meat processing shop was redesigned to a prefabricates production shop with a capacity of 3 tons per shift. In 1995 a sanitary slaughter shop was redesigned to a canned meat production shop due to decline in cattle supply, and was put into operation in 1996.

New millennium, new scientific and production tendencies, new requirements determined the launch of a new shop of raw smoked and raw jerked sausages production in 2004. The staff of the Slonim Meat Processing Plant worked hard in order to drive the production to international standards, to train each employee to work in new conditions, to create a new image of the production.

As a result, the plant gained the quality certificate ISO 9001 in 2003. The products are made of envirosafe raw materials. The assortment includes 300 meat products, made with up-to-date domestic and foreign receipts.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system was implemented and certified in 2006. It assures safety and stable quality of the products.

A microbiological unit of a laboratory was completely reconstructed in accordance with sanitary standards in August-September of 2009. There was installed the equipment, which let examine meat products for tetracycline antibiotics and chloramphenicol residue by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. For efficient and exact determination of nutritional content of products, there was installed expensive and precise equipment – automatic system of protein determination. In order to master the equipment, the laboratory specialists completed training in the Scientific and Diagnostic Centre of Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Latvia in Riga.

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